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The Authentic, established on September 2015 in Seoul, South Korea, is a post- production
studio that is developing consistently with a favorable evaluation in various fields of media
contents such as TV CF, online viral, exhibition video and cinematic movie.

The Authentic is possible to make better outcomes for a short time and try new skills that
is not done by others with having its own color and work process. Also,
The Authentic is consisted of the most acclaimed designers in local Post Production. Moreover,
the biggest strength of The Authentic is having various databases. Therefore, we can use
and find required source whenever we want. We are doing our best to fulfill our clients ’
demands and satisfaction through our experience, outstanding production abilities, and innovative idea.

Finally, we are unafraid of challenges and passionate and will be recognized VFX studio in
the world. We guarantee a high-quality work with meeting the deadline for our (trustworthy
future) partners and it would be a pleasure for us to have your as a partner.

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